Free Copy of Frank Cullotta’s Casino Movie Script Cover

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A small token of Thanks from Frank and Adam for being a perscriber to Coffee With Cullotta on YouTube.  This is a copy of Franks movie script from Casino, it is autographed by Frank Vincent, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese, Joe Reidy, Robert De Niro and of course Frank Cullotta.

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History of the Script

When Frank Cullotta was hired as a technical consultant for the movie Casino he was given a copy of the script. When the movie wrapped, Frank asked Frank Vincent, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese, Joe Reidy and Robert De Niro to sign his script cover. They each signed it to J.C., those are the initials of Franks alias that was given to him by the Fed’s when he entered the witness protection program. When Adam saw this he suggested to Frank that he should sign it and offer all of the YouTube “Perscribers” to be able to download their own copy to print, frame and hang. Frank loved the idea and also wrote a message to the Perscribers and put his John Hancock on it as well. Thank you all for watching our YouTube channel, Coffee With Cullotta, Enjoy!